Cass’ Story

I had to leave real estate to do real estate. It’s hard to imagine now, but once upon a time I was just another real estate agent living the daily grind of working for the man, sitting through tedious sales meetings, mechanically parroting company scripts, and believing in none of it.

Disillusioned and dissatisfied I left, cold turkey, without a plan B, and with no idea if I would return to real estate. That boldness to cut the office umbilical cord and consider a new and a different way of working led to the birth of Cass Property.

Once liberated from the shackles of office bureaucracy I was excited to discover that I was, in fact, passionate about real estate. Whilst I was happy to say goodbye to a boss, monotonous meetings, office politics, and red tape, I was missing the real real estate: from supporting my clients end-to-end in the sale of their most valuable asset, and sharing the life changing news to a buyer that their offer had been accepted.

Combining that passion for real estate with an idealistic dream to be my own boss, I chose to become a captain of my own fate and took the plunge into entrepreneurship. My dream was simple: a service-focused, market-leading real estate specialist (me), whose reputation is based solely on my client’s experiences (you). Within months Cass Property opened its virtual doors and 14 years on it’s been worth every challenge and sleep-deprived moment.

Going it alone doesn’t actually mean going it alone, and the ongoing success of Cass Property has been made possible only from the overwhelming support I’ve continued to receive over the years. I owe a huge thanks to my family, friends, clients, and local community for supporting and joining me on this awesome journey and I hope that you’ll continue to be a part of the CASS story.

– Adam Castelnuovo