Selling off-market

July 2020

Thinking of selling your home off-market?

We’ve all seen that the market has been improving since October 2019, largely due to a record number of active buyers and a low number of properties for sale.

As we leave behind the slow property market from last year, there has been an increasing number of people opting to sell their properties off-market.

So – why are people deciding to sell “in secret” without exposing it to a strengthening market full of keen and competing buyers?

A study of the recent sales in our local area indicates that certain off-market sales have sold for considerably less than what the market has been dictating. This has always been the risk involved when selling off-market – however, in the current conditions, there’s no need to sell yourself short.

Before choosing to sell off-market, there are two questions you should ask:

  1. Is potentially risking tens of thousands of dollars really worth a few thousand you might save on marketing costs?
  2. Is the agent recommending an off-market sale working to get you the best possible price, or are they just looking for a quick, easy sale?

The reality is that if you sell off-market, you’ll never know whether you’ve achieved the maximum sale price for your home. Especially if selling in an improving market.

If you want to achieve the best price possible when selling your property, call CASS today to discuss how a professional marketing campaign will put us in the best possible position to negotiate the price your home deserves.