Team Cass

Adam Castelnuovo

Adam Castelnuovo is more than your average real estate agent. Warm and down to earth, he is an accomplished sales professional with close to two decades of local property experience. His calm and empathetic approach puts his clients at ease and he is quick to build rapport with clients from all backgrounds.

Adam sees his responsibility as more than just any given property. Homes are meaningful places and Adam’s goal is to sell your property by connecting the right buyer for the property at the best possible price.

Communication is central to providing a seamless experience for his clients, keeping them in the loop every step of the way. Renowned for his integrity, Adam genuinely enjoys guiding people through the sale of their most significant life purchase.

Born and bred in the Hornsby area, Adam loves this pocket of Sydney and all it has to offer the community.

Contact Info

0415 217 322