Team Cass

Peter McDonagh

Authentic. Up front. An inimitable agent with a reputation for success. Peter McDonagh brings 30+ exceptional years of real estate expertise, with 25 years specialising on the North Shore.

Here for the seller, Peter is clear that his obligation is to you as an owner. And he’ll give you his all to bring home the results you dream of.

He knows what makes people tick and has an affinity for knowing exactly where a prospect is in their buyer journey. When it comes time to negotiate, Peter is brilliant at standing strong and aiming high to get you the best selling price.

A highly awarded professional, Peter is lauded by the industry and North Shore property owners as an outstanding agent. He’s sold every kind of property, from units to car spaces to $10 million dollar homes and everything in between.

Peter brings remarkable experience, deep local knowledge and an easy going manner. His commitment to his vendors makes him one of the most trusted real estate agents on the North Shore.

Contact Info

0410 587 856